Amanda Quintenz Photography

I teach photography.
I write about photography.
I am a photographer.

My entire life is photography.  Learning it.  Teaching it.  Writing about it.  Writing about other photographers.  And, of course, creating as much photographic work as I can.

Fine Art
Although I have worked commercially and for the corporate world as a photographer, I am choosing to focus my energies and time on personal fine art projects at the moment.  So keep checking back!  I have some new bodies of work evolving and hope to share them with you soon.

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with some wonderful photographic educators in some great places.  I have taught at Brooks Institute, the Art Institute of California - San Diego, Grossmont College, Palomar College, MiraCosta College, and through the UCSD Extension program.  Sharing what I can about photography makes me whole.  Learning from my students keeps me invigorated.

If you are an avid photo magazine reader, then chances are you've run into my work!  I regularly contribute to Digital Photo Pro, Rangefinder, Photographer's Forum, After Capture, and have been contributing to Google+ Nik Software's ProTalk series and c't Digital Photography's blog.  I'm almost at 100 articles published, so seek me out!

I have also been blessed to have three books about photography published.  Check out this link to see more.

My favorite, loyal subjects are my brilliant and loving family and friends.  Most especially, I have to thank my wonderful husband, Steve, and my beautiful boys, Connor and Owen.