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Taylor's old life is just a memory. No more dinners with friends, afternoon gardening, or partying with her sister. Seemingly at random, violent episodes catapult her body into shock and her mind into her past. She's lonely, depressed and confined to a hospital. What's worse, she's surrounded by medical professionals who don't know what's wrong with her and won't let her leave. 
When a handsome young doctor's interest ignites Taylor's desire to live, she and another patient set out to solve the riddle of her illness themselves. But as the clues mount, Dr. Riaz begins to doubt her sanity. And as the physical toll of Taylor's fits escalate and her internal organs begin to breakdown, she discovers the only way to solve the riddle is from inside an episode. 
Can Taylor discover the key to the illness that plagues her in time to save her life and build a future worth living?
With elements of science fiction, mystery and romance, Catalyst is the fast-paced first installment of Amanda Quintenz-Fielder's riveting Möbius Syndrome trilogy.

Thirty-two year old photojournalist Erik feels disconnected, disenchanted and desperate. He longs to recapture his glory days but fears his best work is behind him. When he’s offered an assignment documenting the ground-breaking matchmaking technology at Soul Mates, Inc. Erik is skeptical but accepts.

When no suitable clients are available, Erik becomes the subject of his story. After all, with no personal life to speak of and a stalled career, he’s got nothing to lose but his dignity. Erik sets out to prove that the high-tech, high-end service is a scam. But to his surprise, he discovers the technology works. The question is how, and at what cost to his humanity?

With the help of a brash new assistant, an overbearing agent and a wise shopkeeper, Erik must find the courage to discover the truth, unravel his past and find a path to his future. Can Erik find the answers he seeks and connect with his true soul mate?

Equal parts sci-fi, mystery and romance, Soul Mates, Inc. is a delightfully fast-paced read. If you like engaging characters, compelling concepts and unexpected twists, you’ll love Amanda Quintenz-Fielder’s riveting story.